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What we stand for -seminaari

Kuvituskuva, jossa lukee "What we stand for"

Arch4Change järjestää englanninkielisen seminaarin "What we stand for – Towards sustainable and transformative ways of teaching, learning and practicing architecture".

ARCH4CHANGE project thinks that it is important to change the narrative: the majority in architecture and the building industry still think that we can engineer our way out of the climate crises (and barely focus on inequalities, the biodiversity crises or the fact that a solution is not sustainable unless it meets users needs and they adopt it and look after it).

So, the ARCH4CHANGE: WHAT WE STAND FOR event will both unfold briefly what the 3 year Erasmus+ Funded project ARCH4CHANGE is about, but through our speakers and the discussions, it is a call to action: we cannot be a carbon neutral or sustainable society without new ways of thinking and new values (e.g. more reuse and transformation, less building new; focusing on social infrastructure, non-humans and biodiversity and planetary health etc). This of course also translates in new ways of doing architecture (and by extension also questions what ‘architecture is’ and our role as architects and planners within it) (e.g. democratic processes, elevating collaboration with others, collective work, small interventions with big impact, ensuring a just transition).

Our invited speakers will share their different ways of working and thinking and what is needed for the radical sustainable transition that is needed in society and architecture.

Register to the event here (link opens a new tab to eventbrite.com)
Read more about the project here (link opens a new tab to arch4change.com)


Siv Helene Stangeland – Helen & Hard Architects, Norway
Dr Hella Hernberg, Helsinki
Maiju Suomi – Suomi- Koivisto architects, Helsinki
Dalia Milián Bernal, Tampere University, Tampere
Efe Ogbeide, Femma Planning, Helsinki
Mirjami Myllymäki, Helsinki
Stephen Choi, Melbourne (Australia)

Places are limited so sign up as soon as possible. Face to face only (no recordings).





Brief project introduction and platform introduction (Sofie Pelsmakers, Elizabeth Donovan, Emma Geoghegan, Ioannis Lykouras)



Changing architecture practice and aesthetics

Siv Helene Stangeland – Helen & Hard architects, Norway
Maiju Suomi – Suomi- Koivisto architects, Helsinki

BREAK 15.20-15.30


Inclusivity and collaboration

Efe Ogbeide, Femma Planning, Helsinki
Dalia Milián Bernal, Tampere University, Tampere
Mirjami Myllymäki, Helsinki

BREAK + refreshments 16.30 – 16.45


Different ways of being an architect

Dr Hella Hernberg, Helsinki
Stephen Choi, Melbourne, Australia

17.25-17.50: Discussion


WHAT NEXT, feedback & closure – Sofie Pelsmakers


The event is free of charge (exhibitions excluded), and has pre-registration. The programme is in English. The Design Museum building is accessible.

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