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13th Quo Vadis Architectura? Nils Erik Wickberg Lectures 2017

Mixing the Private and the Public in the City 1

Mixing the Private and the Public in the City

Aalto University, Otakaari 1, Espoo 1st floor, lecture hall C 6 October, 2017 at 13.15–19.00The boundaries of Public and Private have constantly changed during history and they are still changing. In the Roman patrician dwellings business and official matters reached a long way into the interiors and in medieval houses workshops and everyday life were side by side. Modernism brought a separation of work and living. City life in squares and street was abandoned but today we feel a need to find again the liveliness of cities through our senses and social life.The lectures are looking at the boundaries of public and private in history of architecture, housing and in urban and regional planning. Is today's technology a limitation or enabler of new possibilities? Can the sharing economy extend in the use of spaces?The lecturers are given by international and Finnish specialists of architecture history, housing and urban design. The programme may be found here. After the lecturers wine and refreshments are served in the lobby.The organizers are the Aalto University chairs of History of Architecture, Housing and Urban and Regional planning.Additional information