Here you can find all events related to Finnish architecture.

Contrasts and connections – South-North architectural dialogues

14.03.2023 13:15–17:15

The Contribution of Women in Contemporary Architecture

08.03.2023 18:00–20:00

Open lecture at Aalto University – NORDMAK, the Nordic further education course in architectural heritage, culminates with the Finnish programme

09.02.2023 16:00–17:00

Architecture Speaks: Pascal Flammer

08.02.2023 13:15–14:30

Workshop: Resident well-being in the living environment


Architecture walk in the center of Tampere

05.02.2023 14:00–15:30

How to design social ecological cities?

04.02.2023 13:00–16:00

Workshop: Children's architectural office

04.02.2023 11:00–14:00