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6th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research 2014: Call for Workshop Participation

A Tu Tbanner

Calls for workshop participation for The 6th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research & The Annual NAF Symposium are now open for applications.

Workshop: Wood Architecture - from Tradition to the New Innovations

Wood Architecture workshop is organized by Puu-Hubi and will focus on the very latest research findings on the design, planning and construction of the wooden buildings. The discussion will enhance the generation of new ideas of the future wood architecture. Contents for the sessions of the workshop can be, to mention some of them, new building regulations, energy efficiency, fire safety, sound insulation, new design solutions, industrial construction systems, computerized planning and production methods, cost factors and sustainable architecture. It seems that the construction engineers need the new knowledge of wood architecture most and that the architects can design in wood, but can they? Answering this question we try to find the best solutions of building with wood in the future.More information of the workshop and its application process is available at Workshop will be held at Oulu School of Architecture on 23rd of October 2014.

Workshop: Moving Designs for Moving Real People

Moving Designs for Moving Real People workshop is organized by Margo Annemans & Professor Ann Heylighen from Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium and the workshop aims to get you thinking about how experience from real people can be involved in the design process. Through a concrete design task, based on the use of various sources of human information, you will gain insight in the implications of sources and types of information when it comes to designing for the well-being of real people in a vulnerable situation. Even more important than the design outcome, is the process and the role of human information in it. Therefore, a profound discussing will be held to evaluate proposed formats to come to insights regarding the development of a tool/methodology to inspire a greater audience working on the well-being of people in the built environment.More information of the workshop and its application process is available at Workshop will be held at Oulu School of Architecture on 23rd and 24th of October 2014.To apply for the workshop follow the instructions on the workshop’s webpage at (see more specific links above) and application deadline is at August 8th 2014.

Extended deadline for papers; 15 August 2014

Call for Papers: High-Quality Professional Articles and Shorter Scientific ArticlesThe organisers have extended the Category B abstract submission deadline until August 15th. This category of papers is intended for high-quality professional articles and shorter scientific articles. The length of the full manuscript is 3000 to 7000 words and we welcome submissions in Finnish, Swedish and English.More information for submission protocol is available at website under Submission and Submission guidelines.More information of the conference, the theme and preliminary program are available at