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Bijoy Jain. Studio Mumbai – Alvar Aalto Medal 2020 exhibition 17.3.–22.8.

Alvar Aalto Medal 2015 Photo Juho Haavisto MFA 1 1 1

Alvar Aalto Medal 2020
17 Mar – 22 Aug
Museum of Finnish Architecture

The exhibition in the museum’s small exhibition hall celebrates the winner of the international architecture prize, Alvar Aalto Medal. 

Alvar Aalto Medal, carrying the name of the beloved architect and designed by Aalto himself, was founded in 1967 in order to honor creative architectural work. The medal can be given to live persons who have gained merit in the field of creative architecture in a very significant way. Nowadays the medal is given out every three years, and it was originally founded by the Finnish Association of Architect SAFA, MFA Museum of Finnish Architecture and Finnish Architectural Society. Later Alvar Aalto Foundation and the City of Helsinki joined the medal committee. 

The next Alvar Aalto Medal will be awarded in March 16th, 2021. 

More information about the event through this link.