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Another Generosity 4.9.2020–28.2.2021

Another Generosity
Museum of Finnish Architecture

The installation Another Generosity first displayed in the Nordic Pavilion at the 2018 Venice International Architecture Biennale, will now be premiered in Finland. The inflated installation, designed by architect Eero Lundén and his team, provokes us to examine the state of the world and architecture, and creates a place in the Museum of Finnish Architecture for us to reflect upon the future.

Major, far-reaching changes have taken place in our living environment, but has architecture changed accordingly? Traditionally, architecture has been designed for people on their terms. Could a new symbiotic relationship be created between architecture and the natural environment, if the primary purpose of a building is to serve the environment? The installation Another Generosity responds to ambient temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air by means of changes in its movement, shape, and colour.

Read more about the exhibition through this link.