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Call for Abstracts: ARCHI+TECTONICS Architecture, Communities and Cities under Change

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Researchers, students and practitioners are invited to the 7th Annual Symposium of Architectural Research in Finland 22–24 October, 2015. The symposium is organised by the Department of Architecture at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, together with The Department of Architecture at the Tampere University of Technology and Oulu School of Architecture.This year, the symposium will focus on ARCHI+TECTONICS which covers a variety of contemporary discussions in architectural research, from architectural design at all scales to the context of urban planning and development. Abstracts and papers are invited in the following thematic areas:Theme 1: Structural Intelligence: new methods and materials Theme 2: Cultural Heritage: changing ideas and ideals Theme 3: Sustainability and resilience – how to manage change Theme 4: Bridging the gap: knowledge by design and by research Theme 5: Learning from Wood: tectonics old and new Theme 6: Mapping the future: ideas and technologies for planning Theme 7: Places and identities: Living in a world of change Theme 8: Challenges in Planning Theory: conflict, consensus, or cooperation Theme 9: Landscape and ecosystem services: a new mind-setFor more information about the themes and about submitting an abstract, please consult the CFA-ATuT-2015 Call for Abstracts announcement, (pdf, 122 kb). Abstracts should be sent by 11 May to