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Finnish Architectural Review 1/2015: Young ideas

Kansi: ark 1/2015 Arkkitehti/ Finnish Architectural Review

The Finnish Architectural Review 1/2015 discusses architecture with young architects. According to their commentary, the future makers want to bring architecture into people’s everyday lives. The role of starchitect is no longer interesting. The younger generation wants to work together with the users, determine design projects in a new way, fight the climate change and increase global equality by designing projects for the residents of poor countries. Here are some samples of their thoughts:
– I wanted to find out how to make the world a better place and still earn a living. – The era of neo-liberalism has effectively foreclosed the possibility of any objectives other than those promoting competition, efficiency and profit. – The users play a key role in producing the meanings of architecture. – Finding truly sustainable solutions requires strong local involvement. – The local nuances and style that express cultural distinctiveness will make a comeback. – There are no reasons to continue with this plain style. – Who, as a conscious gesture, dresses all in black? – Thou shalt cherish diversity. Megatrends have served to make Finland a mind-numbingly uniform place. – Working life becomes increasingly fragmented and we must adapt. The world is changing and we must try to correspond to change.
In addition to the articles, the magazine features a selection of buildings designed by emerging practices such as Studio Puisto, Joarc Architects, Rudanko+Kankkunen, Futudesign and Komitu Arkkitehdit.ark_5_2015_kansi_800px