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Ideas Competition for Pärnu Passenger Terminal

Parnu RB 14

Pärnu Municipal Government has announced an international architectural design competition for the Rail Baltic Pärnu passenger terminal. Rail Baltic is an international rail link that connects Estonia to Central and Western Europe as well as to neighbouring countries.The objective is to find the best comprehensive spatial plan for Pärnu’s Rail Baltic passenger terminal and its immediate surroundings. The competition area is located in the Papiniidu area currently being developed into an important centre for business and services. The site is bounded in the western and southwestern directions by the existing railroad and the Via Baltica arterial highway connecting the Baltic countries, and by the Pärnu River in the northern and eastern directions.The competition is open to all individuals and groups with at least one co-author and representative of the joint creators (collective) holding the certificate of an authorised professional architect. Competition language is Estonian.The entries deadline is 8 December 2014 at 15:00; any questions should be submitted by  24 November 2014.More information and all competition material is available at