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New Finnish brick architecture featured in Italian Costruire in Laterizio February 2015 issue


Costruire in Laterizio, an Italian brick architecture and construction magazine, dedicates its February 2015 issue #161 to new Finnish brick architecture. The magazine features schools and housing designs by Oopeaa and Serum Architects, Alt Architects, Playa Architects, Architects Hannunkari & Mäkipaja, Verstas Architects and Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects Ltd.The presented projects exemplify creative use of brick especially in facade design and forecast increasing enthusiasm to work with this traditional and hard-wearing material. Jorma Mukala, editor-in-chief of the Finnish Architectural Review, elucidates the recent developments in Finnish architecture in general in his illuminating article. In addition to the project presentations, the magazine also contains Igor Maglica's interview of Anni Vartola, editor-in-chief of, and reviews four recent publications and guidebooks about Finnish architecture: the Helsinki Architectural Guide by Ulf Meyer (DOM Publishing, 2012); Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects: Works edited by Peter MacKeith (Rakennustieto Publishing, 2014); Andrea Nastri's Reima Pietilä – Dallo Schizzo all'architettura (Aracne editrice, 2012); and Guide Verdi Europa e Mondo: Helsinki, Tampere e Vaasa, l'architettura e il design la taiga, la tundra e i laghi (Touring editore, 2012).The February 2015 issue #161 of Costruire in Laterizio is available online at; individual articles in pdf format at