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Nordic Journal of Architectural Research 1/2014 is out

NA 1 2014 feature 1

The Nordic Journal of Architectural Research has just published its newest issue 1/2014 which is composed of mixed research papers from Finland, Denmark and Norway. Topics discussed include architectural photography, participatory design, post-war type-planned houses in Lapland, commuting bicyclists' aesthetic experiences, and Danish lighting trends. The issue is completed with a book review about Architectural Competitions – Histories and Practice edited by Jonas E. Andersson, Gerd Bloxham Zettersten and Magnus Rönn (The Royal Institute of Technology and Rio Kulturkooperativ, 2013).The journal is a distinguished research publication establised already in 1987 and using the most valued double-blind scientific peer review evaluation for submitted manuscripts. The journal welcomes all research fields relating to architecture – from urban planning to landscape architecture, from interior design to history and theory.NJoAR is available online at with public access to all abstracts. Full text is is available for subscribers without delay; public access to full text is available after 1 year from publication. Institutional subscribers include e.g. all academic architectural schools in the Nordic countries. The current editors-in-chief are Madeleine Granvik (Sweden), Claus Bech-Danielsen (Denmark) and Anni Vartola (Finland).NA-1-2014-coverMore information:'s Note. Anni Vartola is the editor-in-chief of and the co-editor-in-chief of the Nordic Journal of Architectural Research. The journal, however, is not affiliated with Architecture Information Centre Finland.