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City Agents: From a Chair to an Urban Space

Omasta tuolista kaupunkitilaan

The From a Chair to an Urban Space workshop allowed fourth graders to explore an urban environment and its different elements through activity-based observations. Portable chairs helped understand and assess the proportions between a person and an urban space. The participants sat on their chairs in different formations – in a large circle, in small groups as if in a café, in a line as if in a bus and in rows like in a theatre. The size of the square was measured by forming a human chain. Once the students had become more familiar with the selected urban space, they sketched some ideas on how to liven up the location. What could happen in the square? Is it good as it is or should something be added? Finally, they discussed if the square became their own place? Then they picked up their chairs and said goodbye to the square.[embed][/embed]