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People-driven City seminar tickets at special price for friends of Archinfo Finland

Peopledrivencity 1

‘Lähiöfest2017’ – festival of neighbourhoods brings together Helsinki city departments, private companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs, activists, and citizens. The festival's main event, People-driven City seminar at the University of Helsinki on Friday Sept. 29, presents international speakers and interesting cases, eg. the co-winner of Mies van der Rohe Award 2016, the Dutch architect Xander Vermeulen Windsant who will present the award-winning project in Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam. Other urban renewal and activism projects presented in the seminar include cases from elsewhere in the Netherlands as well as Sweden and the UK. Find more information on the seminar here.Architecture Information Centre Finland is the seminar's content partner. We are pleased to offer seminar tickets at a special price to our friends.When purchasing your ticket (here) enter the discount code 85-archinfo to the field “Enter Promotional Code” and you will get your ticket for 85 € (normal price 145 €). You may also activate your discount directly from here. The campaign is valid through Sept. 12, 11:59 pm.Welcome!