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Sakari Laitinen's art on display in Wolfsburg, Germany

Laitinen PR feature

Finnish architect Sakari Laitinen's (b. 1937) recent paintings, collages, reliefs and other works are exhibited in the City Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus in Wolfsburg, Germany. Laitinen, a former co-worker of Alvar Aalto, has a multiple artistic career ranging from architecture and design to visual arts. The exhibition entitled Preoccupations III is jointly organised by Alvar-Aalto Gesellschaft Deutschland, Forum Architektur der Stadt Wolfsburg and Der Kunstverein Wolfsburg.The exhibition is open from 16th October to 4th December, 2014. City Gallery, Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus, Porschestraße 51, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany.Laitinen_PR