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Shared Cities – Northern Perspectives. Seminar at MFA

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The Museum of Finnish Architecture invites to participate in a seminar discussing urban public space. The seminar will take place at the Museum (Kasarmikatu 24, 00130 Helsinki, Finland) on Thursday, 6 November 2014 at 13–17:30.


Designing and revitalizing urban public spaces has been occurring in many European cities lately. However, the notion of public space itself has many forms and can be viewed differently depending on cultural, geographical and social factors. In cold climate public space can mean both outdoors and indoors spaces which are open to the public. Shared Cities – Northern Perspectives  seminar sets out to explore how urban public space is perceived in northern hemisphere.Mandaworks's winning proposal Inside Outside Vaasa for the revelopment of the Race Course area in Vaasa provides an example how public spaces can be taken into consideration when planning new urban city structures. The development of a new multi-use building in Maunula, Helsinki on the other provides an example on how an indoors space can function as a shared public space between different generations and user groups. The building will incorporate communal library, youth centre and educational centre under one roof.Seminar's keynote speaker architect Janna Levitt will bring Canadian point of view to the discussion of public spaces. Levitt is a partner at LGA Architectural Partner and under her leadership, LGA have become leaders in creating public spaces that are artistic, socially active and responsive to Canada's diverse seasons and cultures.


13:00 Opening words by the Juulia Kauste, Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture13:10 Revelopment of the Race Course area in Vaasa - Architect, partner Martin Arfalk from Mandaworks, Design and landscape architect studio, Sweden. - Architect, Secretary of the Competition Oliver Schulte-Tigges, City of Vaasa14:15 Development of a combined library, youth centre and educational centre in Maunula, Helsinki - Architect, partner Mikko Summanen, K2S Architects, Finland - Representative of the City of Helsinki15:30 Coffee break16:00 Keynote speaker on urban public space in Canada - Architect, partner Janna Levitt from LGA Architectural Partners, Toronto, Canada17:00–17:30 Panel discussion.The seminar is part of the Europe City programme and organised by the Museum of Finnish Architecture in collaboration with the Architecture Information Centre Finland.