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South of North: video of the Mouthful of Meetings event in Venice

So N Venice Anna Autio 1077 lr 1

South of North, Network of Nordic Architects working in developing enviroments, organised a Mouthful of Meetings discussion at the Venice Biennale in September 2014. The idea was to invite contemporary African and Nordic architects to a cross­cultural dialogue on socially engaged architecture. The participants included the founder of South­African Makeka Design Lab, Mokena Makeka, Zimbabwean architect Maxwell Mutanda (CA’ASI, Young Architects in Africa exhibition) and one of the founders of the Rwandan­based Active Social Architecture, Tomà Berlanda. The discussion was moderated by Andres Lepik (Director, Architekturmuseum der Technische Universität Munchen) and Justine Bell (South African architect).The network has now released a podcast of the discussion on YouTube at A sound recording is available at[embed][/embed]South of North is a Nordic collaboration project, founded in October 2013, between twelve young architecture practices working in the non­profit sector in developing regions. The Finnish founding members are Inari Virkkala (Komitu Architects) and Pilvi Vanamo (Lönnqvist Vanamo Architects).Further information:[caption id="attachment_1581" align="aligncenter" width="618"]South of North: Mouthful of Meetings at the Venice Biennale. Photo: Anna Autio. South of North: Mouthful of Meetings at the Venice Biennale. Photo: Anna Autio.[/caption]