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TamArk's lecture series continue with Samuli Woolston from ALA

Tam Ark AL Aarkkitehdit 1

TamArk's new visiting lecture series continue with ALA architects; the office was chosen in a student vote for the next performer. Samuli Woolston, one of the partners, will give his lecture on Tuesday 15 April 2014 at the concrete steps (RO107) at 14:15 at the Tampere Technical University. The event is free and open for everyone. After the lecture there is an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about ALA's works.ALA architects are known for their award winning Kilden Perfoming Arts Centre. Their winning proposal for the Helsinki Central Library competition has recently introduced them also to the larger audience. In February 2014, ALA architects won in cooperation with the international hotel chain Marriott an invited competition for a new hotel next to Tampere-talo.TamArk warmly welcomes everyone!TamArk_ALAarkkitehdit