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The Eye and The Icon –30.5.2021

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The Eye and The Icon
22.12.2020 –30.5.2021
Studio, Museum of Finnish Architecture

What do we really see when we look at buildings familiar to us from the media? Students from the studio course at Aalto University’s Department of Architecture analyzed the relationship between architectural photography and the material, spatial and experiential reality of architecture. The exhibition presents the students’ reinterpretations of 15 well-known architectural sites in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The buildings selected for the analysis were designed in the 1980s and 1990s, and each of them received much media attention at the time they were completed, as well as the status of an acclaimed example of Finnish contemporary architecture.

The studio course was directed by Professor Jenni Reuter, and the concept was formulated by Anni Vartola, senior lecturer in architecture theory at Aalto University. The buildings have been selected by the staff of the Museum of Finnish Architecture’s archives. The exhibition has been designed by architect and university teacher Tuomas Siitonen.

More about the exhibition on the Museum of Finnish Architecture's website

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