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The Finnish Architects in the Spotlight series highlights creators of Finnish architecture

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The campaign, which will be executed on Archinfo’s communication channels, will put architectural firms of topical interest in the spotlight so they can shed light on the values that drive their architecture.

Archinfo Finland is launching a new, regularly recurring campaign about the creators of Finnish architecture. In the Finnish Architects in the Spotlight campaign, architectural firms use images and short texts to describe the values that guide their operations, or the key things that are important in each firm’s architecture. The choice of firms is based on topicality.

K2S Architects was the first to be invited to the series. The Ylivieska Church, inaugurated at Easter, makes a statement on many topical architectural issues. The lifespan of the church, which is constructed from just one material, has been defined as at least 200 years at the design stage.

The key themes in K2S’s architecture are emphasised in the three series of images: solids, reuse, and dream concepts - real spaces. The series of images illustrate, among other things, multidimensional material use and careful detailing, unique spatial experiences, and the insightful complementarity of the urban structure. In addition to Ylivieska Church, examples include the Fazer Experience visitor centre and the Sörnäinen Arena, which will be completed in a few years.

Finnish Architects in the Spotlight on Instagram

The participating architectural firms are asked to provide pictures and short texts on topics that can vary in scale from details to global problems and themes, such as materials, or other concrete starting points for abstract reflection, for example.

The main campaign channel is Archinfo’s Instagram account, which uses the tag #FinArchSpotlight. In addition to Instagram, the campaign is featured on the website and in Archinfo's newsletter. The series is implemented in cycles of about one and a half months.

Follow the series on Archinfo’s Instagram through this link.
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