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Alvar Aallon Katu 7, Jyväskylä

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Aalto2 museum

The Pool – The Origin of Pool Skateboarding

Elevation drawing of a swimming pool designed by Alvar Aalto for Villa Mairea

Alvar Aalto Foundation

The Pool is a series of four exhibitions combining Alvar Aalto’s architectural heritage, international skateboarding culture, as well as rap and hip hop cultures.

Exhibitions From the Surf to the Sidewalk – When skateboarding culture and architecture meet and Lizzie Armanto: Colors are displayed till September 15. 

Exhibition Concrete Currents – Photographs by Arto Saari is on display till October 27.

Exhibition Pääkaupunki The Capital – Samples of Jyväskylä rap is on display till the end of the exhibition series.  

More information about The Pool can be found here.

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