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Propose your favourites to be included in the Finnish Architecture Navigator!

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The web service of Finnish architecture, Finnish Architecture Navigator, expands. Now it is possible to submit proposals to be included in the map-based service – and win a book!

Finnish Architecture Navigator is a map-based web service for architecture enthusiasts. In addition to works of architecture from historical gems to the most recent contemporary architecture, the service includes curated and themed selections. Buildings can be searched, e.g. by location, architect or building type.

The service was founded by five key architecture organisations in Finland and is maintained by Archinfo Finland. A pilot version of the service was launched in 2016 with the support of Finland's Ministry of Education and Culture. This year, the Finnish Architecture Navigator is developed further with the support of The Finnish Cultural Foundation, with the objective to include all key architectural works and architects in the service.

What buildings would you like to see in the service? Participate in making your favourite works of Finnish architecture known! Submit your proposal on Finnish Architecture Navigator's website by clicking here or through the Submit link in the top right corner of – and win The Building of Finland (ed. Harri Hautajärvi, Rakennustieto Publishing 2017). A winner will be drawn every month until the end of 2019 from all the submissions including an email address.

The proposals will be reviewed by the editors, and if the building is chosen to be included in the service, we will produce the presentation material. Along with the proposal, any hints and links to background information or imagery are appreciated. We reserve the right not to publish the proposed building in the service.