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The shadow of a tree is reflected in a wall with grass growing at its base.

Get ready for Finimalism – a fresh project spotlighting Finnish architecture, design, and fashion internationally! Finimalism is set to kick off in early 2024, but as an early Christmas present you can now sneak a peek at

Text: Anna Rusi

Finimalism is a collaborative effort uniting Finnish architecture, fashion, and design. Its primary goal is to elevate the global presence of these creative domains and revitalize the narrative of Finnish Design. Initiated by three communication-driven organizations – Archinfo, Finnish Design Info, and Fashion Finland – the project strives to showcase Finnish creative brilliance. It spotlights the diverse talent pool, encompassing designers, companies, and research entities, especially emphasizing their roles as pioneers in sustainable development solutions.

The start-up phase of the joint project is made possible by NextGenerationEU funding for culture and creative industries.

The name Finimalism conveys a new kind of minimalism. A world struggling with the sustainability crisis needs the creative industries to be a force for hope. For creativity, scarcity is not a limitation but rather a source. Good architecture, fashion and design can create more value, beauty and humanity, but in a sustainable way –. with radically fewer natural resources. The principle is summed up in the Finimalism motto "more with less".

New digital home for Finnish Design

The Finimalism project explores new ways of presenting architecture, fashion and design in a digital environment in visually engaging and narratively innovative ways. The site offers both a visual "dive" into Finnish Design from the past to the present, as well as articles exploring designers' visions and new solutions for sustainable development.

Finimalism Paths draw their inspiration from solutions that produce more value, beauty and expertise with fewer resources. The website combines three immersive journeys that explore themes of social equality, imaginative aesthetics and ecological responsibility. Take your pick and dive in!

Finimalism Journal creates a brand new platform for the voices of green, beautiful and imaginative design. Our aim is to combine knowledge, inspiration and innovation into a series of articles, profiles, videos and more – open for all.

The Journals will be published along the spring 2024 starting in January. Our first issue – titled Rethink – will explore how the design professions have changed and how they should change, featuring perspectives from six pioneering experts in architecture, design and fashion. Discover it on Jan 3 2024!

Discover the Finimalism site through this link.

Featuring Finnish cutting-edge expertise

Through a tender process among the project partners Archinfo, Fashion Finland, and Finnish Design Info, Marina Veziko was selected to design the identity, and Reaktor Creative and Adventure Club to develop the digital platform.

The visual identity behind the Finimalism project is created by Marina Veziko. Awarded as Graphic Designer of the Year, Veziko works extensively with both domestic and international clients, engaging in both commercial and cultural projects. With a focus on brand design, Veziko's expertise spans from visual identities to image design and packaging, as well as from exhibition identities to publication design and digital applications.

The starting point for the Finimalism visual concept has been to visualize the idea of "more with less." How to be minimalist without being dull? How to create visual storytelling with the fewest possible elements? At the core of the identity is a dot: at its simplest in the logo conveying the three background actors of the project, and at the same time, when multiplied and transformed, representing the richness of the design field and endless innovations.

The Finimalism website has been made in collaboration with Reaktor Creative and Adventure Club.

Adventure Club is a leading design agency rooted in the belief that true creativity and innovation emerge from connections. With studios spanning Amsterdam, Helsinki, Turku, Paris, and Berlin, they're not just pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship and exploration, but cultivating an international network of the brightest creative minds in the design industry.

Reaktor Creative is the creative spearhead of Reaktor, an internationally renowned technology company with offices in Helsinki, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Lisbon. Together with a multidisciplinary global community of experts, they harness cutting-edge technologies to tell captivating stories, fuel innovation and redefine the boundaries of marketing and branding.

Want to hear more?

Do you want to be part of the Finimalism project? We would be happy to discuss and tell you more about the initiative and plan possible collaboration.

Katja Lindroos, Project Manager, Finnish Design Info
Anna Rusi, Project Coordinator, Archinfo
Ilona Vuori, Project Coordinator, Fashion Finland