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Finimalism Journal tunes into the world of digital design

Five colourful 3D printed cubes leaning on a tree

Mikael Niemi

Finimalism, a joint initiative of architecture, design and fashion, has published its second collection of Journal articles in early March. The publication explores the themes and prospects of digital design.

Text: Anna Rusi

Finimalism, a joint project of Archinfo, Finnish Design Info and Fashion Finland, publishes collections of Journal articles on its website, bringing together stories of Finnish design in a new format. The aim of the project is to increase the international visibility of the Finnish creative industries and to renew the narrative of Finnish Design.

The second edition of the Journal, called 'Recode', explores the digital dimension of design and the link between the physical and digital worlds. How can we use technology to build a more sustainable world? What new opportunities and challenges does the latest tech bring? Is digital design automatically sustainable?

The issue explores issues such as the relationship between interior design and technology, the nature of digital fashion and making art together with artificial intelligence. Archinfo will share articles originally published on during this spring. You can find them here.

Read the full Recode Journal through this link.