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Finnish Architectural Review awarded as 2023 Professional and Organisational Media of the Year in Finland

Four people, one holding up a certificate of honour.

Merja Yeung

The jury of the competition found the magazine to be stylish, fresh and of high quality. In addition to the award, Finnish Architectural Review received an honourable mention in the Layout of the Year category.

Finnish Architectural Review received praise in the Editkilpailu 2023. The magazine was chosen as the 2023 Professional and Organisational Media of the Year at the awards gala in May.

"Finnish Architectural Review is a high quality, interesting and stylish publication that you want to keep on display and preserve. The magazine takes a broad and critical view of the profession, and the content serves not only members but also readers outside the profession," the jury said, explaining its choice.

Editor-in-chief Kristo Vesikansa considers it important that the award was motivated by the way the media serves its member community in the channels that suit it best.

"The magazine's compelling visuals match its content and support the identity of the profession nicely. The traditional magazine feels fresh and topical, and has a long life ahead of it," continued the jury.

"The criticality, broad scope and topicality mentioned by the jury are values that the Finnish Association of Architects' publications should uphold in the new format as well," Vesikansa says.

Editkilpailu, organised by Aikakausmedia, a forum for cooperation between magazine publishers and editors, annually rewards the best authors and realisations in the field of magazine media in Finland. This year, prizes were awarded in 13 editorial and three commercial categories.