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Google SPAN design event lands in Helsinki – Finland's Venice biennale exhibition gets a spotlight


Anni Vartola, curator of Finland's Mind-Building exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia, will give a talk in the global technology corporation's event on Finnish library architecture and the message of the exhibition.

Google's design conference SPAN is organised annually in different countries. The event brings together artists, researchers, technology specialists and design professionals from all over the globe. This year, on the 1st of November, the conference will be held in Helsinki, Finland. The programme provides thought-provoking talks, hands-on workshops and experimental sessions. See the full programme here. “For me, giving a talk at Google SPAN is very titillating. It's great that a global corporation like Google is interested in bringing its event to Helsinki," describes Anni Vartola, curator, researcher, critic and senior university lecturer at Aalto University. "I expect that the event will open new perspectives on the fast-changing nature of information technology and on creative solutions in formulating and refining knowledge and know-how."Vartola was invited to the event to talk about the Mind-Building exhibition she curated and Archinfo Finland produced for this year's Biennale Architettura, currently displayed in Venice. The exhibition presents the enchanting story of Finnish library architecture. "I hope I will be able to relay the message of the significance of public libraries and Finnish library architecture to the SPAN attendees and further", Vartola concludes. The programme includes speakers such as James Bridle, author of the book New Dark Age, Isabelle Olsson, Head of Industrial Design at Google, and Stephanie Dinkins, artist who creates platforms for dialogue about AI.Registration to the event is closed but you can sign up for the waitlist here.#SPAN18
Google SPAN 1 November 2018 at 9:00 Wanha Satama Pikku Satamakatu 5, Helsinki
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