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Recruitment process for Archinfo Finland’s new director is under way – Head of Communications Miina Jutila appointed as Acting Director

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The recruitment process for Hanna Harris’s successor as Archinfo Finland’s director will be concluded after the situation caused by COVID-19 is normalised. Harris started in her new position as Chief Design Officer of the City of Helsinki on 9 March 2020.

Urban researcher specialised in making architecture and design visible and making use of the opportunities they present in society, Hanna Harris directed Archinfo Finland since 2016. During these years the organisation has developed into a versatile and active influencer in the field of architecture: Finnish architecture has gained international visibility, and the social impact of architecture within Finland has increased.

“I am very grateful to our fantastic team, all our member organisations and numerous partners for these four years at Archinfo. Of course, farewells are sad, but at the same time, I am very confident about the future. Finnish architecture has a lot to give – during the last years, we have witnessed a growing international interest towards Finnish architects and their designs. Likewise, the new national architectural policy work, due to be completed in October 2020, speaks volumes of architecture’s importance in shaping the future of Finland,” Harris says.

From March 9 onwards until a new director is appointed, the Board of Archinfo Finland has appointed architect, Head of Communications Miina Jutila as Acting Director. Jutila has been in charge of Archinfo’s communications since 2017. During the transition, additional help has been engaged in communications tasks and the production team of the Pavilion of Finland’s exhibition at the Biennale Architettura 2020. Archinfo staff contact information may be found here.

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