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Periodical publication of Käräjäkivet launched on 14th June

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Online publication of the editorial project “Käräjäkivet”
14th June 2019

“Käräjäkivet” is an online periodical publication of thought and criticism that was born around a proposal which was never accomplished, concerning the Saivaara Monument, elaborated in 1978 by the legendary Finnish artist Tapio Wirkkala. The project will be published every quarter by adding a new text that can be viewed or downloaded online. The project is officially launched online on 14th June with an essay of the internationally acclaimed Finnish architect and writer Juhani Pallasmaa entitled “A Line in the Arctic Wilderness”.

This publication intends to accomplish, not in form but in content, the idea of Tapio Wirkkala for the Saivaara Monument: the creation of a place where men of all races and colors can gather together to think. For that purpose, an online platform was created where different invited authors will gather together through texts, illustrated and edited in small booklets, expressing their thoughts on architecture, art and culture in general, with the Saivaara Monument as the main driver.

"Käräjäkivet" is edited by the architects Márcia Nascimento and Nuno Costa.

Finnish word käräjäkivet means “court stones” or “circle of stones”: places of judgment (originally iron age graves), where judgments were held and justice carried out. In the ancient times, they were important places where the primitive leaders of the North got together in order to discuss and decide about common matters.
(Finnish National Board of Antiquities).

Link to the home page of Käräjäkivet here.