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Metropolia NEB Lab proposal reinforces the role of higher education in New European Bauhaus

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Helsingin kaupungin aineistopankki: Sofie Jokinen

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences calls for universities to discuss and develop the role of higher education as a part of NEB community.

New European Bauhaus partner Metropolia University of Applied Sciences proposes a new NEB Lab -project. Metropolia calls for universities attached to New European Bauhaus to discuss and develop the role of higher education as a part of NEB community.    

Metropolia's NEB Stewardship Lab was pitched to NEB community at the end of September. The Stewardship Lab builds on Metropolia’s research, development and innovation (RDI) activities that emphasize problem-based, transdisciplinary and solution-oriented approaches to societal problems. The concept of stewardship, wise and responsible use of resources, elaborates NEB values related to sustainable transition. 

"The participatory RDI partnership underlines that everyone has valuable expertise to share in the knowledge co-production for sustainable wellbeing. The NEB-related local collaborative development actions will provide an excellent opportunity for testing the framework in practice", states Päivi Keränen, the NEB coordinator in Metropolia.  

The NEB Lab is a co-creation space at the service of the New European Bauhaus community, for the delivery of beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive projects to improve our daily lives. The official partners of New European Bauhaus can propose new NEB Labs. There are more than 400 NEB-partners. Finnish NEB partners include Metropolia, Aalto University, Accessible Art and Culture (ACCAC) and Cumulus network. 

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