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NEB Lab is an co-creation space for projects that promote a sustainable, inclusive and beautiful world

The newly launched NEB Lab is the "think and do tank" of the New European Bauhaus initiative. It's a place to co-create, prototype, and test the tools, solutions, and policy actions that will facilitate transformation on the ground.

The NEB Lab supports both the European Commission and the New European Bauhaus Community -led projects. The European Commission has initiated projects related to labelling strategies, regulatory analysis, innovative funding, and transformation of places of learning. The first three Community-led projects in the NEB Lab are the New European Bauhaus of the Mountains, the New European Bauhaus goes South and Nordic carbon neutral Bauhaus. 

The New European Bauhaus of the Mountains project is based in the autonomous province of Bolzano, Italy and seeks to improve the quality of the built environment and citizens' quality of life in rural and mountain areas. The New European Bauhaus goes South project connects six universities in six south European countries to join forces to reflect on and improve education through architecture. Nordic carbon-neutral Bauhaus is an open forum for the discussion on how architecture, design and art can help achieve a carbon-neutral and inclusive way of building and living.

Official partners of the New European Bauhaus are the only entities that can jointly propose projects for the NEB Lab. There are over 400 official partners at the moment. Finnish partners are Aalto university, Metropolia, Accessible Art and Culture (ACCAC) and Cumulus network. The application process for partners is still open. Non-profit organisations that share the New European Bauhaus values, can become partners.

For-profit organisations, companies, and public or political entities, such as regions, cities and villages, can also join the Community by becoming friends of the initiative. Friends of the New European Bauhaus can recommend NEB Lab activities to partners and support them in several ways, for example by implementing projects in a region.

In addition to the partners and friend, the New European Bauhaus Community includes the members of the High-Level Round Table, the national contact points, the New European Bauhaus prize winners and finalists, the beneficiaries of New European Bauhaus calls and members of the European Commission.

Read more about the NEBLab and the New European Bauhaus Community here (the link opens in a new tab).