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Take part in a PhD study on the perceived safety of Helsinki Central Station

Scaffolding inside a building with large lattice windows.

Iris Andersson

Aalto University’s doctoral researcher Iris Andersson is conducting an online survey to collect people's experiences of safety or insecurity at Helsinki Central Station. The survey will be open until 23 June.

Prepared by architect Iris Andersson, the doctoral thesis “The Anatomy of Safe Space” explores the safety and insecurity of spaces experienced by people. The starting point for the research is the Helsinki Central Railway Station, designed by Eliel Saarinen, which has experienced many upheavals in the world. The station building is associated with both experiences of insecurity and opportunities for encounters.

Iris Andersson is an architect whose studies in the field have given her a broad way of looking at and experiencing the world. She is fascinated by working on the fringes of the architectural profession, for example, through teaching, writing, painting and photography. Andersson has previously published "In the Author's House", a work based on her award-winning thesis, supported by crowdfunding from Mesenaat and the Arts Promotion Centre. During her one-year artist fellowship, she published essays on her website, and last autumn, she worked on her debut novel with the support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation's Wiwi Lönn Fund.

In a short survey for her dissertation research, Andersson explores experiences of security and insecurity and the factors that influence them at Helsinki Central Station. The survey is open to everyone, regardless of where they live, and different experiences are valuable parts of the research.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the survey, open until 23 June here.