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New European Bauhaus open call for the transformation of places of learning

Copy of NEB TW Places Of Learning

Apply to join the network with a project focusing on innovative learning spaces, pedagogies and local community. Both individuals and organisations can apply to join the Europe-wide network.

Share your project and join a network of passionate individuals and organisations making a difference in all areas where people learn - from classrooms to streets, playgrounds to libraries, any place of education and knowledge - in Europe and beyond. The NEB network invites experts, thinkers, doers, neighbours, ministers, students, educators or researchers to join forces in making waves for beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive spaces that shape our future ways of thinking and learning.

Connecting to the New European Bauhaus network will give ongoing projects a chance to accelerate – for example, by finding the right partners for implementation or upscaling, using improved visibility for buy-in from your local government, and best practice exchange with others, or providing the proof of concept that gives needed recognition for potential investors.

Registrations are open until December 2022. The applications received from April onwards will be screened with a view to group similar concepts or ideas. Later, the applications will be regularly reviewed and added to existing or included in new groups of topics.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission will organise an info session for the NEB open call on March 8th. Find out more through this link (opens in a new window).

Read more about the initiative through this link (opens in new window).