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New joint project to raise the international visibility of Finnish architecture, fashion and design to a new level

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Archinfo Finland, Fashion Finland and the Finnish Design Info project will collaboratively update the Finnish Design brand and strengthen Finland’s national profile with the help of architecture, fashion and design.

Internationally, the concept of design encompasses architecture, fashion and design. Regarding the Finnish Design brand, all three fields are presented among the names best recognised around the world.

In professional spheres, design is considered to be one of Finland’s strengths, but there is still a way to go to reach the wider public. Last year, Finland placed 15th in the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index*, compared to, for example, neighbouring Sweden, which was ranked ninth. The difference can be traced especially to the Culture category, which also includes well-known consumer brands.

Three communication organisations in the field of design – Archinfo Finland, Fashion Finland (FaFi) and the Finnish Design Info project (FDI) – will now enter into collaboration to boost the visibility and impact of architecture, fashion and design both in Finland and abroad. The goal is to create an agile expert network to support the work on Finland’s national profile and highlight our country’s present-day competence in architecture, fashion and design, thereby promoting opportunities for business success.

The joint project also aims to bolster the interest in Finnish architecture, fashion and design generated by the new Architecture and Design Museum currently in planning.  Other plans include joint events and cooperation in the field of communication, where all three design organisations will appear together.

“While all three fields have their own characteristics, we still have many of the same goals. In particular, tourism, international visibility and good design are topics where we can achieve synergies,” says Katarina Siltavuori, Director of Archinfo Finland.

“There’s room and demand for Finnish fashion, design and architecture, but we must communicate these more widely across our national borders. With all three of us joining forces, we can open windows and doors that would otherwise remain shut,” says Sami Sykkö, Business Director of Fashion Finland.

“The race for attention is growing tougher around the world. However, this also provides new opportunities. Finnish Design is one of Finland’s strongest brands, but like any brand, it also needs to be refreshed,” says Katja Lindroos, Project Manager for the Finnish Design Info project.

Joint project to run from February to the end of the year

The joint project, launched in February 2022, has been prepared since the autumn of 2021, and it has received initial funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The funding also covers the extension of the Finnish Design Info project in 2022.

Around half of the sum will be allocated to concrete communication efforts. Archinfo, FaFi and FDI will carry out a joint communication campaign targeting an international audience. The core theme of the campaign is sustainable transition, focusing on the solutions that Finnish architecture, fashion and design can offer to help solve the largest global challenge of our time.

In addition to focusing on communication, the joint project will survey potential operating models for the joint network. This survey will involve all of the joint project’s background organisations, as well as other participants from the architecture, fashion and design sectors around Finland.

Plans for the cooperation were launched in the summer of 2021 at Fashion Finland’s initiative, and the project will be coordinated by the Finnish Design Info project. The project seeks to find a solid basis for continued cooperation in communication, as well as its development, in the coming years.

Link to Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (opens in a new window).

Archinfo Finland fosters interest in architecture and increases appreciation for the built environment. Archinfo strengthens the social importance of architecture and helps the built environment transition towards a more sustainable future. Archinfo increases international recognition for the values and expertise of Finnish architecture.

Launched in 2013, Archinfo is one of the eight information centres in the arts supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The centre was established by five key architecture organisations in Finland.