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Museum of Finnish Architecture, Aalto University

Architecture Speaks: Kerstin Thompson

Kerstin Thompson

Architecture Speaks! lecture series invites six professionals in the field of architecture to share their thoughts and ideas on current trends in architecture.

Kerstin Thompson is Principal of KTA and Adjunct Professor at RMIT and Monash Universities. A committed design educator she regularly lectures and runs studios at various schools across Australia and New Zealand. Kerstin Thompson Architects (KTA) is a multi-award-winning architecture practice, founded by Kerstin Thompson in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia. The practice is well established as a significant and innovative reference point in Australian architecture and urban design. Known for astute design thinking, KTA designs creative, meaningful and site-responsive architecture that seamlessly combines form, interior and landscape to create coherent and compelling places. Clarity of approach and sensitivity to place are the guiding principles for each and every project. 

“Kerstin Thompson’s Bundanon Art Museum Bridge is an inspiring example of how a simple starting point can create a building where art, landscape and structures support each other”, 
says Jenni Reuter, curator of Architecture Speaks! 

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