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Finnish Ministry of the Environment, Nordic Council of Ministers, Aalto University, the Nordic Historic Wooden Towns’ Network, Archinfo Finland

Nordic co-design: New European Bauhaus. Wood Architecture and Design

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We want to call on Nordic architects, artists, designers, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, students and everyone interested, to join us in shaping the Nordic perspective on Wood Architecture and Design for the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Wood has been used throughout human history in everything from simple structures to ornate architecture. Now in the growing demand for a climate-friendly  environment, use of wood has become a key factor.

The registration for the event is now open. To sign up click here (link)!

Two interesting keynote speeches will precede the co-design workshops. Hans Sandström is a Board member of Nordic Historic Wooden Towns’ Network and the former Secretary General of ICOMOS International Wood Committee. Minna Riska is a founding partner at MDH Architects. The office has gained a lot of experience with projects built in CLT in a very short time starting with the transformation of the Moholt student village between 2014-19.

More information will soon be posted at where you can also see the dates of other forthcoming Nordic events.

Come together to learn, discuss and co-create the role of wood in architecture, design and art. What can we learn from the Nordic tradition? What do we need to build a more sustainable future? How can wood architecture and design change the quality of living and create better environments on all scales?

The New European Bauhaus is a creative initiative that aims to combine sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics. It is an environmental, economic and cultural project instigated by the European Commission.

The event is organized by Finnish Ministry of the Environment in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, Aalto University, the Nordic Historic Wooden Towns’ Network and Archinfo Finland.