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Messuaukio 1, Helsinki

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Puuinfo Oy

Puupäivä – Wood Day

The National Wood Day is a full-day event for construction industry professionals annually. The event is on 2.11.2023 in Messukeskus Siipi, Helsinki. The event is for everyone who is interested in wood construction and development.

Throughout the day, there are several seminars on wood architecture, construction techniques, and timber construction. The event concludes with the presentation of the Wood Award. Participants can explore the products and services of the event’s partners at the exhibition area and seminars.

The target audience for Wood Day includes decision-makers in the construction industry, developers, builders, architects, structural designers, as well as planners and building control authorities. The event also attracts students in the construction field.

Coffee serving, lunch and cocktail hour is included. It is also possible to attend a separately charged dinner.

See the full programme and register before October 19 through this link.