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Brussels, Belgium

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Finimalize this! at the New European Bauhaus Festival

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Finimalism, a joint project of Archinfo, Finnish Design Info and Fashion Finland, will be featured at the NEB Festival in Brussels in April.

As part of the New European Bauhaus Festival programme, Finimalism will organise a workshop inviting designers and the public to consider new perspectives on sustainable, beautiful and innovative design. In the Finimalize this! workshop, panelists will discuss – and finimalize – both hot topics in the design field and everyday environments and objects with a deck of cards. The public will also be invited to join the discussion.

Panelists Matti Kuittinen, Anna Ruohonen and Jaakko Torvinen will join the game. The workshop will be moderated by Katja Lindroos, Project Manager of the Finimalism initiative.

Architect Matti Kuittinen is Associate Professor of Sustainable Construction at Aalto University. Kuittinen studies the climate impact and resource efficiency of the built environment and is an active member of the new European Bauhaus network. His scientific work focuses on climate change mitigation by bringing together architecture, engineering and ecology.

Anna Ruohonen is one of today's best-known Finnish fashion designers and founder of the Anna Ruohonen Paris clothing brand. She designs affordable and sustainable luxury fashion on an on-demand basis, with the aim of creating timeless clothes and bringing beauty to everyday life.

Jaakko Torvinen is an architect specialising in wood construction. Currently a teacher at Aalto University's Department of Architecture, Torvinen's thesis Pikku-Finlandia - a temporary event space built in front of Finlandia Hall - was a hit in Finland and around the world.

The New European Bauhaus Festival brings together representatives from different sectors to discuss Europe's sustainable future. The Festival will be held simultaneously in Brussels, at satellite events across Europe and online.