Archinfo strategy

We have adopted a new strategy in 2022 with short-, medium- and long-term goals. Our strategy is a dynamic tool that we use to evaluate our operations with regard to changes in our operating environment and the world at large, and it is updated whenever necessary.

Archinfon strategia
Archinfo's strategy sets goals for 5–20 years (Purpose and values), 2–5 years (Vision and objectives) and 3–24 months (Mission and activities).

Purpose and values

Why do we exist?

We foster interest in Finnish architecture and increase appreciation for the built environment. We reinforce the social importance of architecture and promote the built environment’s development towards a more sustainable future. We make the values and expertise of Finnish architecture known internationally.

What do we believe in?

Our values are to act openly, independently, and sustainably.

Archinfo is easy to approach. Our working culture is curious and unprejudiced, and we observe the phenomena in society and the field of architecture with an open mind. Our work is based on dialogue, collaboration and transparency.

Archinfo is an independent actor, and our communication and promotion work is impartial. We examine the built environment from various perspectives and serve the general public, operators in the architecture field, authorities, media, and business comprehensively.

We consider ecological, social, financial, and cultural sustainability in everything we do. The climate crisis and societal challenges require action and extensive changes from all operators in the built environment. We promote our field’s positive impact and take responsibility for our common future.

Vision and objectives

What are our ambitions?

Our vision within the next five years is to become a well-known national player and international operator in the field of architecture who has improved general appreciation for architecture and introduced inspiring initiatives on topics of social importance. We will also have improved the diversity and inclusivity of discussions about architecture and the built environment.

We create phenomena around Finnish architecture. Our working is flexible, our communication socially influential, and we organise internationally recognised projects and produce multi-channel content on topical subjects.

Our team’s expertise covers architecture, architectural communication, and event production, as well as architectural, art, and cultural policy. We recognise the great changes affecting the field of architecture from ecological and cultural sustainability to the digital transition. We have extensive national and international networks where we practise close long-term cooperation.

Mission and activities

How do we create value?

We focus on increasing general appreciation for architecture in Finland, raising the profile of Finnish architecture internationally, and reinforcing the societal importance of architecture.

We address meaningful topics with widespread interest. We strengthen people’s ownership of their environment and promote positive, diverse, and critical but civilised discussion about architecture.

We engage in targeted advocacy, communicate clearly about architecture, and organise inspiring public events. Our work is based on comprehensive architectural expertise.

What do we do?

We increase appreciation of architecture and cultural heritage in Finland. We produce content and events that underpin discussions about the built environment for citizens who are interested in their local environment and a sustainable future. We communicate topical, reliable, and broadly accessible information; we make Finnish architecture more approachable. A key method for the above is the Finnish Architecture Navigator online service. We offer expert communication services for our partners and prepared topics for the media. We participate in architecture and design education networks and project partnerships.

We promote the global recognition and visibility of Finnish architecture. We increase the presence of Finnish architecture and architectural operators in international projects and events, other industry forums, and the media. One key tool for the above is the International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. We organise high-profile projects, network actively, and act as a permanent cooperation body for international relations. We wish to reach foreign architecture professionals, key stakeholders and mainstream media, and select specialist and trade media.

We reinforce the status and importance of architecture in society. We actively take the initiative and start discussions to expand the understanding of culturally, politically, and economically influential people about the cultural and social importance of architecture. We participate in the execution and monitoring of Finland’s architectural policy programme and engage in lobbying. We offer a platform for municipal representatives working on architectural policy programmes to exchange information and network, and we communicate information about these programmes. We also actively participate in international programmes, projects, and networks aimed at promoting the social importance of architecture.