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Nordic effort for the new European Bauhaus under preparation

A square with triangular colours in the paving seen from above, people walking from place to place.

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The goal of Nordic Action is to make the Nordic countries a strong player in the European Commission's New European Bauhaus initiative. It aims to create a platform for architecture and culture that supports the development of a carbon-neutral and circular economy.

In November 2021, the Nordic ministers responsible for housing and construction appointed a steering group to develop and coordinate Nordic Action, a joint Nordic effort for the New European Bauhaus initiative. The project is currently being negotiated with the European Commission.

Nordic Action would empower, equip and engage stakeholders in the Nordics and beyond. It would strengthen key sectors and cross-sectoral networks through calls for ideas and other support activities, coordinate and facilitate New European Bauhaus funding calls regionally in the Nordic countries and engage with the New European Bauhaus community by participating to and supporting the initiative.

In 2019 the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic prime ministers adopted a vision for a more sustainable and integrated region. The Nordic Action project would also have a strong link with the Nordic Declaration on Low Carbon Construction and Circular Principles in the Construction Sector issued by the Nordic ministers responsible for construction and housing in Reykjavik in 2019.

In the spring of 2021 Finland, the chair for the Nordic Council of Ministers that year, coordinated a Nordic co-design process of the New European Bauhaus. The co-design events organised by the Ministry of the Environment and its partners gathered ideas and wishes from e.g. architects, designers, artists, students, researchers and designers from the Nordic countries and beyond. Archinfo partnered with Finnish Ministry of the Environment in organising the events and, based on the ideas and examples provided by the participants, compiled a report from the Nordic perspective on the New European Bauhaus initiative. The report was presented in June 2021 to the European Commission's New European Bauhaus team.

Read the ‘New European Bauhaus: Reflections from the Nordic co-desing’ report at (link opens in a new tab).