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Aalto University and the Museum of Finnish Architecture

Architecture Speaks: Markus Innauer

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Christian Anwander

This year, the annual lecture series by Aalto University and the Museum of Finnish Architecture focuses on the architect's role in society. The second lecture will be given by Moa Andrén and Tove Fogelström from Andrén Fogelström office.

An office named after Austrian Markus Innauer is creating architecture that connects the new with the existing. A key principle of the office is to provide sustainable environments with a relaxed and homely feel. Precision combined with an open approach leads to simple solutions in complex environments.

“In their small-scale projects, the Austrian architectural office Innauer Matt focuses on the detailing of wood materials, minimalist ornamentation, and materiality. Their projects exude a subtle and tranquil enchantment,” describes Jenni Reuter, curator of the Architecture Speaks! lecture series.

The Architecture Speaks! lecture series, a collaboration between Aalto University and the Museum of Finnish Architecture, has presented current architectural phenomena for nine years. The 9th season of the lecture series will feature lectures by six architects or groups of architects.

The lecture is on Zoom, and pre-registration is required. Read more through this link.

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