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Austurbakka 2, Reykjavik, Iceland

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Iceland Design and Architecture

DesignTalks in Reykjavik

People in a high space surrounded by glass walls partitioned by a honeycomb-like structure

Miina Jutila

The international conference DesignTalks kicks off Reykjavik's Design March festival on Wednesday 24 April in the famous concert hall Harpa. This year, the conference addresses global imbalances and extremes.

Since 2009, Iceland Design and Architecture has organised an architecture and design festival in Reykjavik, Design March, the main event of which is DesignTalks, an internationally acclaimed conference in the renowned Harpa Concert Hall.

DesignTalks is a platform for inspiration through rich conversations about insights into the current challenges and opportunities of designers, architects and creative leaders, both local and international. The event addresses the challenges the world is facing and highlights the importance of design and architecture in the context of a changing world. DesignTalks has been the signature event of Design March from the beginning and has taken place for a full house in Harpa. The conference will also be broadcasted live. 

Besides DesignTalks, this year’s Design March programme from 24 to 28 April includes more than 100 exhibitions, 200 events and 400 participants throughout Reykjavik.

More information about the DesignTalks conference can be found here.

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