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Lux Helsinki

Lux Helsinki 2024

The city of Helsinki, described from the perspective of carbon data.

Teemu Lehmusruusu / LUX Helsinki

The an annual light festival in Helsinki presents a diverse range of light art. This year's theme is “science from art”. The works are open daily from 17:00 to 22:00. Admission to the event is free except for one location, Korkeasaari Zoo.

This year, the Lux Helsinki festival of light art brings together science and art. In addition to Helsinki's most famous buildings, the programme also includes less familiar locations. Works will be on display in Helsinki's city centre, Hietaniemi Cemetery, cultural centres and Korkeasaari Zoo.

Archinfo's picks of the programme

An experimental documentary film based on the CO-CARBON project's research data, Lungs, is featured in the Esplanade Park. CO-CARBON raises public awareness of the carbon sinks and other ecosystem services provided by urban nature. The authors of the documentary film are Robert Fusco and Teemu Lehmusruusu in collaboration with the University of Helsinki's Centre for Atmospheric Sciences INAR and Aalto University. Read more about the CO-CARBON project and its recommendations through this link.

City Gazing Helsinki by VOUW design studio can be seen on Narinkkatori Square. The site-specific light art installation shows how Helsinki has evolved over the last 100 years as seen from space. The work shows the development of the city's road network in a unique way.

Read more about Lux Helsinki through this link.

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