Finimalism raises the international profile of Finnish architecture, fashion and design

Archinfo, Fashion Finland and Finnish Design Info continue their collaboration with a new EU-funded project that aims to share the story of Finnish Design with the world.

Based on the collaborative model previously created by the three organisations, the new concept, Finimalism, focuses on the renewal of the Finnish Design brand. The campaign aims to raise the profile of architecture, design and fashion, particularly as a provider and influencer of sustainable development solutions. The project will strengthen Finland's position as a bold innovator in the green transition and as a frontrunner in design.

The initiative will create a new digital platform and publication series, produce events and carry out targeted communication work, especially for an international audience. Finimalism will bring together existing networks in architecture, fashion and design and develop a sustainable model of cooperation between communication players in the sector.

Working together, the three cooperation partners will build on each other's strengths and open pathways to new audiences. The organisations will also reach new audiences for all by creating events and collaborations that focus on the sustainable values that Finimalism stands for.

Finimalism is inspired by solutions that create a better life with less waste of natural resources. The core message is also reflected in the concrete implementation of the campaign, through, for example, the use of the green code and transparent monitoring of the carbon footprint of communication and events.

At the heart of Finimalism is the challenge posed to all fields by sustainable development: how to create value and growth with radically fewer resources – not only less is more but more with less. @finimalism.project

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